Dyno Re-Classing

5.4.1 National PT Director Assigned Re-Classing

The following rules apply to:
Cars that have:
1) An added, modified, or upgraded turbocharger or supercharger.
2) Non-BTM head(s) or increased number of camshafts (hybrid engines).
3) An engine swap that has been designated as requiring dynamometer testing by the National PT Director (almost all swaps)
4) A Rotary Engine that has been ported.
And: All other vehicles that have been designated by the National PT Director to be classed based upon dynamometer testing.
A driver/owner may submit a request for a Dyno Re-class for a vehicle that does have one of the above four situations that requires one, but it may not be approved. (Note: only NASA members may request a reclassification from the National PT Director)

For further information please refer to the current PT rules available here.