2016 PT Racing Season Kick Off

2016 PT Racing Season Kick Off

The 2016 PT season kicked off last week, and we are ready for a great year.  The 2016 rules were released on December 3rd, and the PT Car Classification Forms were updated.  We also have an updated ST/PT/TT Dyno Certification Form this year, so please use that if you get a new Dyno test.  The PT Class Calculator tool that can assist drivers with classing their cars is posted here: PTB-F Class Calculator Tool

All Rules and Forms can be found on the NASA website https://www.nasaproracing.com/rules

For 2017, we are planning on expanding the Super Touring Series to include the new Super Touring 4 (ST4) class.  It will be similar to ST3, with a higher Adjusted Wt/HP Ratio, and a few additional restrictions compared to ST3.  This class will be the substitute for PTB and many PTC cars as well.  Discussions regarding this class are happening on the ST Forums here: http://nasaforums.com/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=131273  Feel free to give your input there.

Also for 2017 (or 2018), we are considering a complete transition of the remaining PT class rules (PTF-PTC) to also be based on Dyno results and the Adjusted Wt/HP Ratio, with additional cost-saving restrications, as well as a car model specific Modification Factor table to take the place of the base class table.  The discussions regarding these classes (? PT5/6) are taking place on the ST Forums here: http://nasaforums.com/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=131274  Feel free to give your input there.

Final decisions on whether these new rules and classes will be implemented for 2017 will be made and published by July 2016.
Have a great season!

Greg G.–National PT Director