NASA Performance Touring

NASA Performance Touring (PT) is a unique roadracing series that classifies over 1000 model groups of cars into one of three classes. Once the base class is identified, participants then add Modification Points for each specific modification made to the vehicle. The total number of Modification Points determines the final competition class. In additional to the points-based classing, there is a final check on vehicles to help maintain class parity using NASA’s Adjusted Wt/HP Ratio formula. The lowest permitted ratio in the Performance Touring series is 14.25:1 in the PTD class. Any vehicle with an Adjusted Wt/HP Ratio lower than 14.25:1 moves up to the Super Touring series. The vehicle can be modified throughout the season, such as changes to tire size and type, with Modification Points being added or subtracted.

The PT classing formula not only allows classification of most preexisting race cars, but it can also accommodate almost all production vehicles. The classing for PT also is mirrored by NASA’s Time Trial series, which provides an easy transition from Time Trial competition to racing.


NASA PT racers receive championship points in their respective PT class within the region sanctioning the NASA racing event they are competing in. Certain multi-region events will be designated as “crossover events”, and the points earned by a driver at such an event will transfer to his or her respective home region’s championship series. However, a driver may also choose to simultaneously compete in more than one region’s championship series.  In that case, crossover event points will be applied to both series.  A driver must participate in a minimum number of event days to be eligible for championship series trophies, awards, or prizes at the end of the year (as determined by your region).  The points from every driver’s lowest events of the year will be dropped (number of event drop days will be determined by your region, and includes events that the driver was not present at).  Every year, there are two national Championship events, the NASA Western States Championships and NASA Eastern States Championships. They take place at various tracks across the country.  The eligibility requirement for the NASA Championships is that a driver must compete in at least 5 regional PT races.  Obtaining a certain minimum level of placing is not necessary.

Please contact your Regional Director if you desire to compete, or if you just have questions.  You can find your Regional Director’s contact form through the Contact button above, under Contact Us. You can also contact our National PT Director, Greg Greenbaum, on the same Contact Us page if you have national issues.  We have a great group of drivers, and although the majority of us are pretty competitive, our main goal is to have fun.  We often pit in the same area of the paddock, help each other out, and meet for Saturday dinner.  Whether you are new to competition, a current racer, or someone who has years of racing experience that wants a lower stress level competition, we have something for you.

Greg G.—NASA National PT Director